Who We Work With

Dr. Lothar Huebsch: Director of Bone Marrow Transplant Program

Excerpts from Dr. Huebsch’s letter….

“…Although treatment can be complex and prolonged, healthcare providers pay for most of the care and thus there would seem to be few financial barriers to accessing treatments . However, for patients and their families of limited financial means, such therapy still presents a real and significant hardship – travel, time off work for family members who often act as caregivers, staying or even visiting loved ones cared for in a distant hospital, present difficulties hard to overcome or which some families have to do without.

“…To overcome these small but nevertheless very significant barriers to complex care I see is the main benefit of Little Angels. The financial support facilitates these therapies for both family and patient.”

“…The fund is unique in this country as it provides a very important way for the social workers in the program to provide very modest assistance to patients/families that make a big difference, by removing a mostly unseen barrier to equal access to complex care for the poor.”

To read the full text of Dr. Huebsch’s letter, click here.

Izabela Uscinowicz: Bone Marrow Transplant Team Social Worker:

Excerpts from Izabela Uscinowicz’s letter….

“I am grateful to have the Little Angels fund to provide financial assistance to low income patients and their families struggling with the costs of treatment of their hematological cancer (such as leukemia, myeloma, lymphoma, aplastic anemia). In the past, we have assisted with the cost of hospital parking, hotel stays, convalescent care, transportation (e.g. cost of gas), child care, TV and telephone connection in patient rooms and meal vouchers, that would otherwise not be covered by insurance or other agencies/services. This support has allowed patients and families to be together during this difficult time either in person or to stay connected via telephone. This support reduces some of the stress and anxiety that patients and families inevitably experience while going through a serious illness and its related treatment.”

To read the full text of Izabela’s letter, click here.

Jennifer Thompson-Croft: Social Worker Hematology Department

Excerpts from Jennifer Thompson-Croft’s letter….

“Inevitably, the patients I work with are admitted to hospital with acute or chronic cases of leukemia, lymphoma or multiple myeloma. While their medical needs are being addressed, people are simultaneously also dealing with loss of income due to illness, a decrease in energy and mobility as a result of illness or treatment, as well as the emotional stress of battling life-threatening disease and the impact this has on the family as a whole. Very often these social issues can create barriers to treatment. For example, many of the people I work with need to come into the hospital on an outpatient basis to undergo chemotherapy. Due to illness, many people are not able to continue working, and are then further impacted financially by having to pay for transportation to and from the hospital as well as parking costs and meals for themselves and loved ones who accompany them. People are often not able to drive themselves to and from treatments, and therefore must rely on family and friends who themselves may have to take time away from work. These stressors themselves can inhibit a person from being able to follow through with treatment, and as such, having a fund like the Little Angels to help people in their time of need is so beneficial.”

To read the full text of Jennifer’s letter, click here.