The Beginning of Little Angels

Diane George-Wiggins
Diane George-Wiggins

Diane George-Wiggins founded Little Angels in March 1996.

Diane had just made it through a long battle with late stage leukemia that involved a bone marrow transplant and numerous other medical treatments. And like many people fighting for their lives with cancer, she learned that costs essential to effective access to treatment (such as transit to the hospital, a meal in the cafeteria, or a place to stay if you’re from out of town) are a real challenge when your income is interrupted.

While under treatment, Diane vowed that, “…if she made it, she’d start a charity to help others who were in the same situation”. A small kindness can make a big difference in how hopeful a patient is about their treatment and their prospects, and Diane believes that “With hope anything is possible. Hope is what it’s all about”. This was the genesis of Little Angels mandate; small-scale financial assistance to ensure needy blood cancer patients had effective access to treatment as they struggled with their disease.

Initially Diane raised money by publishing the diary of her battle, How I Survived a Bone Marrow Transplant for Leukemia. She sold over 500 copies, used part of the proceeds to sponsor a Cancer Fun Day at CHEO for children dealing with cancer, and applied the balance to founding Little Angels.

Since 1996, Little Angels has raised over $325,000 and has helped hundreds of patients. It is the only fund of its kind in North America and Diane is very proud of its success.

Today, Little Angels is run by a volunteer group of former patients who share Diane’s convictions. In 2008, the name of the charity was revised to the Little Angels Blood Cancer Fund to better reflect the scope of patients being helped.

Diane George-Wiggins – 2004 Humanitarianism Civic Appreciation Award

In 2004, Diane George-Wiggins was awarded the City of Ottawa’s Humanitarianism Civic Appreciation Award. It recognized Diane’s founding of Little Angels and Bone Marrow Transplant Fund and her on-going work to provide much needed support and assistance to blood cancer patients in need.

To contact Diane George-Wiggins: 613-371-0243.