Past Fundraising Activities

Little Angels has been extremely fortunate to benefit from the hard work of its supporters over that past fifteen years. In addition to the regular events that currently happen (see Upcoming and Regular Events), there have been a number of events that have raised tens of thousands of dollars over the years. Below are a few of the past events that are no longer held on a regular basis.

Minto Foundation Donation

The year 2005 marked the 50th anniversary of the Minto Corporation. The Minto Foundation initiated a fifty-week program where once a week one worthy Ottawa charity received a $5,000 donation. Fifty weeks /Fifty charities. Little Angels was proud to be recognized and selected as a recipient from almost five hundred applicants. The Minto Foundation commended us for low overhead and humane high efficiency in our objective of patient support.

Kingston Bike Rides

Bob Hardy, cancer survivor, bone marrow transplant recipient, and Little Angels board member for many years has raised over $25,000 by engaging supporters through his hard work and athleticism. In 2000 Bob used a martial arts demonstration to raise $8,000 for Little Angels. Between 2001 and 2008 Bob organized and led a number of long distance bike rides (including the 1000 Km of the Spirit of Tyson ride) that raised $20,000 for Little Angels.

Curling for Little Angels

Amy Ward, real estate agent, curler and well known community supporter in Lancaster, Ontario learned she had cancer in December 1997. As she battled her illness over the next few years, Amy learned of Little Angels and decided to support our cause through a curling bonspiel. Working with Bob Hardy and his family, Amy’s first event raised over $10,000 for Little Angels in 2001. In 2002 her bonspiel raised $7,200. Unfortunately, Amy succumbed to her illness the week after this event.

PSAC Golf Tournament

In 2006, the Public Service Alliance of Canada donated half the proceeds from its annual golf tournament ($5,000) to Little Angels. When the Chair of Little Angels asked the PSAC tournament organizers how they arrived at a donation to Little Angels… they replied they were intent on finding a charitable organization that was discretionary, effective, compassionate and caring. In addition, a major Ottawa philanthropist directed them towards the Little Angels Fund.

Euchre Tournaments

For several years prior to 2011, fundraising euchre tournaments were held six months of the year at Lorenzo’s Restaurant on Arch Street in Ottawa. All funds raised during the euchre tournaments and draws were donated to Little Angels. Billy McNulty organized the event and collected prizes that were given to all present at the end of the tournament.

Eagle Open Golf Tournament

This golf tournament started in September 2006 by the high school friends of David Liston, then a member of Little Angels, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his first bone marrow transplant in 1981. Sadly, in July 2008, David lost his battle with cancer. For two years thereafter, David’s friends continued holding this annual event to celebrate his life and to support Little Angels. David’s friend cuurently make an annual donation to Little Angels in his memory.