How Does Little Angels Help

Little Angels provides financial support to qualified patients undergoing treatment for a blood cancer or a stem cell transplant at the Ottawa Hospital. This support helps families in financial difficulty cope with non-medical costs arising from this complex treatment. There have been many ways that our support has helped patients. Below are a few examples:

  • Little Angels has helped pay for parking and transportation for many out-of-town patients and their caregivers, allowing family members to spend time with and provide emotional support to their loved ones.
  • Often during treatment, plans change or patients are not well enough to access public transportation. Little Angels has helped some patients home by taxi.
  • Little Angels purchases $50 grocery cards and $25 gas cards from local companies who have provided us a discount. The cards are provided as needed to patients to assist with food purchases and to defray the costs of transportation.
  • Little Angels provides financial assistance to local support groups — Multiple Myeloma Support Group of Ottawa and Lymphoma Support Group of Ottawa — to cover administrative costs and provide refreshments during group meetings. This past year two new groups have also received support from Little Angels: The Leukemia Association of Ottawa and a new group called ‘Lymphomaniacs’ –a social networking group that connects young people living with lymphoma.

Every year Little Angels helps many patients having difficulty coping with the financial impact of treatment for a blood cancer or a stem cell transplant for a blood cancer or a non-blood-cancer related disease. For further information on how Little Angels helped patients during 2009-2010 please see the Impact Report 2009-2010 from the Ottawa Hospital.